A Tribute to All Who Serve

This blog is just a far-flung piece of why I originally started blogging a few years back. It’s been my way of communicating tiny slices of life to my friends serving overseas — to provide another little something to think about when you’re far from home.



4 responses to “A Tribute to All Who Serve

  1. This brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. Thank you! For all your love, support and prayers!

  2. Hey Rita!

    I enjoyed the post.My own husband recently returned from Afghanistan after an 8 month deployment and is doing the rounds at the base clinic. Unfortunately, he has a surgery ahead of him, though the up side of that equation is they can’t kick him out the door right away, so I have the great luxury of having him home longer than usual. It’s pretty bad when you look positively on a hospital stay, but in an instance such as this, you have to look wherever you can for the silver lining-lol. On a happier note, my DH is being promoted to the rank of Major at the end of this month, and his administrative assistant and I are busy planning the reception. Keep your fingers crossed it all goes smoothly!

    And yes, we recently received orders and are on the way to Germany at the end of January for 3 years–we’re so excited! It’ll be a great experience for our daughter, and it’ll be fun for to see what’s changed there in twenty years.

    Keep up the informative posts and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    ~Lisa 🙂

    • Hi Lisa!
      Yes, I’m glad you are finding some small comfort in all that you do.
      It’s good that you’re sharing your good times, and then some.

      Congratulations on the promotion!
      And good luck with the move!
      What a wonderful experience for you both, and your family too!

      Thanks, Lisa, for taking the time to share here!

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